Our Story

Entry It! was founded by Filip & Jaroslav. We got to know each other in college and then as colleagues worked together at Spin-Master, Ltd. After obtaining practical and theoretical knowledge we had agreed upon our business model, outsourcing data entry services.

We know the business and we know the struggle. Entry It! is a dedicated and all-inclusive data entry company with a strong following in the USA and Europe. In a world where “data is king” you can’t build your company and make smart decisions if there is a chance your data is outdated or worse yet inaccurate. Entry It! provides you with a team of experts who can show you the truth behind the data and allow you to make educated and growth focused decisions based on facts.

We bring your data analysis into the new age with up to date and the most current proven platforms. Entry It! is constantly updating skills and algorithms to utilize the best practices in data acquisition and storage. We focus on that while you focus on what you’re the expert on: running your business. The only difference is that with real, accurate data you know you are making the right decisions!

Jaroslav Miko – Founder


Filip Tchurik – Founder